Blog Post #1

  1. According to Graff and Birkenstein, writers should think in an “entering the conversation” way in their writing. The advantages of this model is, one, that it doesn’t leave readers confused as to why the writer mentioning whatever it is. Secondly, if readers have an opposing question or argument, it will be addressed, further strengthening the writers argument. In this way, the argument will not be weak, considering the writer is taking counter arguments into consideration and is aware of them.
  2. The smarthistory videos claim that looking at artwork helps analyze others situations. I partly agree and disagree. I agree because by looking at the details of an artwork, you can try to grasp a theme. For example, if someone is laughing, the background looks bright, etc. one might be able to assume it’s a happy situation. Also, artwork can tell about the time period or overall setting. However, I disagree in a way regarding the claim that artwork helps police, nurses, etc. In one video, for instance, they gave the example of diagnosing a patient based on if they had rashes or not. I feel in these examples, artwork isn’t important. One can tell if someone has rashes based on real life experiences, even if they have never seen artwork before. In this video, most examples do not really require artwork, and instead can easily be figured out through one’s own experiences, etc. However, I do agree that by looking at art of diagrams, etc., doctors, nurses and police can learn a lot.

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