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Hi, my name is Cheyanne Amani Gunness!

I am an undergraduate, 18 year old young lady. I recently graduated high school and am now pursuing a Criminal Justice degree at LaGuardia Community College. Neither of my parents finished college because of having kids at a young age and I wanted to be able to go to college since they always said they wanted a brighter future for my siblings and I. I have I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters and we each come from extraordinary background. I am West Indian mixed with other cultures and my Indian name is Harsha. I had a traumatic past and want to use that to help others that encounter similar experiences. I want to be able to help many children and young women with their rights to express who they are and help them understand  they are not alone. At first, I just wanted to be a Criminal Justice Defendant but now I do not want to put guilty people back into the world to commit the same crimes again that dehumanizes others. My dream job is to become a General Lawyer that would help with many cases.


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Hello there, my name is Anthony and I am looking forward to majoring in Programming & Software Development. A few of my interests include watching videos about space and often playing video games. I would also enjoy reading articles associated with entomology – the study of insects.


Hello everyone, my name is Solanlly Almonte. I was born in the Dominican Republic. My older sister raised me since my parents were away. Before coming to this country, I was studying medicine, but I had to postpone my studies because I did not know the language of this country. I love helping people who need it. I am married, and we have two children, a 10-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy. My hobbies are singing, and I am a makeup artist. I love spending time with my family. I hope to improve my writing but especially my way of speaking English.


Hello, my name is Lynsay I am majoring in Nursing. I am very outgoing and adventurous I love traveling, DIY projects, spending time with my family and friends, and reading novels. My most recent novel that I finished was “The Vanishing Half” by Brit Bennett. I really enjoy watching horror movies. I am taking this course to improve my writing skills.


I’m interested in religion. My major is Computer Science. I’m not into reading or writing, however I like to read articles, books, etc. on religion and gain more knowledge on that.

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Hello to all who see this, my name is Ajay. I am currently a first year at LAGCC and my major is Criminal Justice. Whenever I’m not in class I like to go skate or play basket ball at any park. I’m glad to finally attend a college and hope to do my best both academically and get along with everyone as a whole. Hopefully after I get my Associates Degree, I’ll continue going to college or go to U.T.I in P.A and pursue mechanical engineering.

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Hello Everyone, 

My name is Bella Memoria Martinez. I am very excited to say that this is my first year attending college. My Major is Nursing but i’d like to specialize in Renal Dialysis. Attending school for this means way more than earning a degree or receiving a  high paying salary but to get a better understanding of a medical process that has helped many of my loved ones that are immunocompromised. I don’t particularly read books or write often but I do enjoy reading articles in Times magazines and like to read up on new technology that has been released. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge on how to express myself and others’ perspectives in my writings.


Hi my name is Gianna. People call me “Gee”. As of right now I’m just a Liberal Arts Major just trying to figure it all out I do have a lot of love/interest for any creative outlet such as music,art,dancing,fashion. I love watching anything comedy, make me laugh and you got it.


Hi my name is Jericho Alvarez and I move here in the US when i was 14. I was born in the Philippines and I can speak English and Tagalog. This is my first semester in LaGuardia and i am majoring in Liberal Arts. I find creative/artistic things interesting such as photography, fashion, interior Design or art in general. In the future I would love to travel and get to explore different places around the world.

Hello everyone!

My name is Alejandra Ramos, and I am 18 years old. My interests involve sports, more specifically soccer and music. I enjoy reading articles about sports, music, and sharks. I am in my first year of college at LaGuardia Community College, and my major is General Business Administration.


Hello everyone, my name is Mingjie Chen, and I have been here for about three years. My major is accounting, and I may choose to be an accountant before I graduate. I have many interests. In my spare time, Baking is what I do most often. Sometimes, I like keeping a journal that can keep track of what I do each day.