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Blog Post #2

Throughout the videos, Berger argues that men objectified women through artwork during the Renaissance period, which led to specific thoughts about their bodies and made them less confident in themselves. It shows how the different points of view have been changing from sexuality to natural beauty over the years. Even though most women have control over their media images, I also believe that small groups of women still do not have total control of themselves, which could be due to many factors. I don’t think sexuality plays the exact role in women’s images today because society’s mentality has changed for the better and sees it differently, more like normal beauty or art.

Blog Post #2

In the videos, Berger makes the argument that men would usually objectify women through pieces of artwork specifically during the Renaissance period. He claims that as result of females being objectified, that women started to feel less confident about them selves and also had many thoughts on their bodies. This really showed how much the years change, from sexuality up to a women natural beauty. Although in todays era, most women have control on what they post on their media platforms but it does not change that now a days females get objectified for anything they post, unlike before one could paint a portrait of a naked female and it would be seen as art and nothing but art

Blog Post #2

Representations of women today do not and do objectify them in similar ways as what Berger argues about women depicted in Renaissance paintings. Technology has developed so advanced that women have self-control and choose what they want to paint themselves as. They are in control of how they depict their image. During the Renaissance, women looked for men to paint them how they want them to. The nude paintings of women depict the way of women views their images in a certain society. Even though women have more self-respect, they sometimes do objectify themselves in similar ways as what Berger argues about women depicted in Renaissance paintings. Women nowadays look for attention and are willing to do anything for it. There are many social media and websites that pay women to be nude and show off their bodies to the world. If women do not feel that attention from men on the street they would find different ways to receive it. Women have control over their images in the media because they choose to make sure men do not control them, but they desperately need that attention. 

Blog Post #2

During the Renaissance, many women were objectified through men’s artwork. Representations of women were overly sexualized to appeal to the man’s eye. In the middle of episode 2, Berger asks “Do these paintings celebrate as we’re normally taught the women within them or the male wire? Is their sexuality within the frame or in front of it?” and I say they are 100% celebrating the male wire because the artists who created the oil paintings had the intent to sexualize women. Also during the Renaissance, some women did not really see the beauty in themselves and did not have the confidence as women do today. Although women have more confidence today, I believe representations of women today objectify them in similar ways as Berger argues about women in Renaissance paintings. Women still get judged by many through social media or in real life. It is 2021, a year where social media has been greater than ever but is it so great when everyone is looking for acceptance within likes and followers? Women post pictures and feel as if they have to fit the male idea of what looks “good”. These days if you don’t have an hourglass figure you are not considered appealing, at least in men’s eyes. Women are still being constantly over-sexualized today and I don’t believe that is something that will ever end.

Blog post #2

    Women cared what men thought of them, and lived with the judgments of men in the Renaissance. Berger says “She has to survey everything she is and everything she does because how she appears to others and particularly how she appears to men is of crucial importance for it is normally thought of as the success” Women appeared as nudeness objects in Renaissance paintings and were not relaxed and natural in these nude paintings. Men controlled the standard of women’s image, making them unable to correctly and objectively understand themselves. Nowadays the image of women has changed a lot. The limitations of what women should be are gone. They can assume any image they want without being stuck in a man’s mind. With the development of education and culture, women learn how to discover and display their beauty so their image is not dominated by men. 

Blog #2

In renaissance paintings women that posed nude may have been bare but were not naked according to John Berger “to be nude is to be seen naked but not recognized as oneself a nude has to be seen as an object.” The models for the paintings were just seen as mere objects not as naked women set to be judged and hopefully found beautiful by men. Although women do have control over how they are seen in the media and can wear what they want, today’s society has set a standard for how women should look and how they should act. The perception of women is still influence by the male gaze . Many women look for acceptance in the court of opinion of men. The sexualization of women still occurs today Berger stated “I am only as naked as you see me” that is a truly relevant statement in todays times. Women can dress for themselves and feel confident in the way the look and talk but not all people see the confidence walking by they see the half naked woman or think that one can not wear an outfit because she may not be beautiful enough, she not sexy enough, or her body does not look like how they feel she should look and those who do not fit that standard are not socially accepted.


Blog Post #2

During the renaissance it was clear that women were objectified through artwork. The artist would make a conscious weather to paint women with the intent to be sexualized or not. Even though some didn’t people would still find a way to sexualize them, then put the blame on women themselves for how they are being portrayed. Its only acceptable when those men find it appealing to them, and others with different views of that particular woman would deem them conceded of their own beauty. Beger states” you paint a naked woman because you like looking at her, you put a mirror in her hand, and you call the painting vanity’. I find that to be unfair to these painting. They were created by a man, who doesn’t understand how a woman feels and thinks about herself. Especially during a time where woman don’t get to have their voiced herd. Nowadays we have more female artist that are comfortable letting their voiced be herd and to be proud of it. Women are now able to control the narrative, rather someone telling them how they should be seen by others. I do believe there some men out there that still continue to create unwanted sexualizations of women and give unconstructive opinions to newer artworks, it has definitely improved.


Blog # 2

In ancient times the nude was seen as a symbol of beauty and perfection. However, in the Renaissance, they were always based on biblical passages. At the Renaissance, the nude began to be seen as something sexual and not so beautiful. They also started to see women as sexual objects, and, above all, they began to notice the aesthetic part. In my opinion, women have a social burden with the stereotype of how a woman should see herself. I feel that this society tends to judge our appearance and our actions. Instead, the man should not be careful how he dresses or what he does. Also, we think about how the other person can see us or what they can say most of the time. In some cultures, women must cover themselves from head to toe. However, in others, it is normal for them to dress, showing part of her body. It’s like John Beger said; it all depends on how you look at things. What may be seen as usual to me for other people can be unpleasant.
Furthermore, today’s woman is no longer interested in how men can see her. Society has ensured that there is competition between women. In other words, they have created a stereotype of beauty in women where physical appearance matters more than intelligence. In social media and television, there is a “perfect” type of woman. These have to be curvy, have big buttocks, and especially dress very sexy. This topic is a bit controversial. There is no longer the submissive woman of those times who always followed the man. In these times, women are more independent.

Berger argues that women are depicted as an object by the man spectating and the artist in the renaissance painting. These painting often shows unrealistic or idealized images of a woman which is then judge by the spectators. In todays society women do have more control over their images in the media by choosing what to post and what not to. They also have the ability take down unwanted images of themselves posted by others. I do think that sexuality still play a role in images of women today for such there are some influencers that would often post and set unrealistic standard of beauty which affects women and how they think what their body should look like. This action can also be seen on the renaissance painting because the images of these woman often show sensual representation and disproportion that is appealing to the male viewer.

In the era of renaissance paintings of women back them had women be sexualized in a lot of the work that was being put out by the artists. Berger believes that women have been sexualized since the renaissance era and still are being sexualized to this day. Berger even asks the audience ” Who is looking at the women and of these people looking at the women what are they in fact looking at. These paintings were put in certain angles and positions so it could draw the audiences attention when they are viewing what is presented to them. The people who would view these nude paintings had sexual intent while viewing them. Back in the renaissance era women didnt have the right to decline weather they wanted to be nude. Nude women back then were used to sell products such as clothes or beauty cosmetics. I believe in todays age women have complete control over their body and what they want to wear and post. but i still believe women are still being sexualized today even though they can wear whatever they want. No matter what a girl posts on social media or if shes walking in the street wearing moderate clothing she will be sexualized, its the sad truth but its just something i believe wont change because majority of men when they think of women think of them in a sexual way. So what berger was saying many years ago still applies today.