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According to Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstien, when writing one should use the template of “entering the conversation” in their writing. This template has many advantages for the writer and the reader. Writers using this template can better argue on a subject with a open mind to what others agree and disagree on getting the reader or whom ever you are entering a conversation with to not only see and understand but question things in many different ways. Readers can better understand one, when entering conversation. One can also engage better in an argument with not only their own ideas but with the ideas of others.

I agree with smarthistory’s video, that looking at artwork helps you to analyze other situations. When staring at a piece of art you allow your mind to think as if you were the artist that created the piece, analyzing, inspecting and viewing things in a more unique way. When i find myself in a situation whether its by myself or with someone else i try to view things with an open mind for better understanding and clarification.


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