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  1. According to Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstien, when writing one should use the template of “entering the conversation”. In the book “They say/I say”, it explains the many advantages to using this model within your writing. The advantage that “ entering the conversation” displays in your writing, is by making an argument with others who have a different perspective of an idea as a way to build an understanding of how the other side feels. In that way, this will allow us to see beyond what we believe to be right as well as expanding our knowledge on the side that we disagree with. 
  2. When looking at works of art most people that are analysing them see past a certain amount of detail that others tend to overlook or do not  notice. My view is that one should reach a sense of proficiency  in analytical skills in order to see all viewpoints, pay attention to detail, explain what they understand from it  and have  the ability to look at the situation differently. By having the ability to process art this way, there are no limitations on how one can use those analytical skills. This could be applied to all forms of daily life such as writings, ones lifestyle and/or professions.

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